Paper Love



My love of paper products began when I was a teenager.  I worked at Hallmark for over 5 years throughout High School and when I was home from College.  I LOVED working there, to this day I can’t walk through a store (or rather any store) without fixing the cards so that they are all in order.  I would look forward to the day when we got new cards in store so I could read through them all.  I would insist on sending out only Hallmark cards, and if someone gave me a card that wasn’t Hallmark they clearly didn’t “care to send the very best”.  My taste has evolved over time and I’m not quite as much of a Hallmark snob, but a snob of good paper and design still stays true.  I could spend hours at Paper Source or some of my favorite local Paperies like SugarPaper and Urbanic for the perfect card.  I even buy cards months in advance (i.e. I bought my my Mother’s Day & Fathers Day cards last month…).  I don’t get cards in the mail very often (outside of all the beautiful wedding invites I’ve gotten over the years) and I don’t send out as many as I should, (Perhaps I should start!) but everyone can appreciate good products when they come in.   Ha, now that my rant is over take a look at some of my favorite prints & companies I love to buy cards from!

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